Weddings, Cruises and Cars!

red.jpgDave has been nagging about the fact I have not got round to making my first post…. So here it is!

First of all, Carl and Jodie’s wedding! Not long now – 2 days 16 hours infact! Really looking forward to it, should be a great day. Dave tried on his suit monday – and apart from the shirt not fitting (!) I think he looked great! I cant believe how quick the time has gone.. it only seems like a few weeks ago since they announced their engagement! Dave still has his best man speech to finish off… best not tell Jodie, she’ll kill him!

Looking after Aled tonight – we are going to take him to see ‘Cars’. I have been wanting to see it for ages, and I’m now finally getting around to it!

Not long until our cruise! Just over 8 days!

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