Deadline Day Doldrums

cpfc.gifOnce again it’s transfer deadline day and it looks like the rumours of 2 or 3 players coming in have come to nothing. Despite raising over £12m in player sales over the summer and spending little over £3m we appear to have finished our spending. That means we haven’t really signed a replacement for AJ which could be the difference between us being top 3 this season or stumbling along to mid table. Incidentally I hope to see AJ get a game for England on the weekend as he’s started very well at Everton.

I have now resigned myself to the fact that no-one is coming in but with rumours of both Ward and Macken leaving we could certainly do with strengthing those areas. The one transfer rumour that just won’t die is Dave Nugent but with the price creeping up towards £4m and him being linked with perenial striker collector Neil Warnock I’m not holding my breath.

There are rumours that the reason we’re not spending the money is that Simon Jordan is finally trying to buy the freehold to Selhurst Park. I’ve never seen this as quite as important as many fans but I guess thats down to the fact that I have to travel 150 miles just to get there and it really wouldn’t affect me that much if we moved elsewhere. A nice shiny new stadium near Gatwick could be quite nice, although I don’t fancy us ending up ground sharing or at an athletics track.

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