Weddings and Speeches

champers.jpgJust got in for a quick change before the evening party for the wedding.

As expected, the wedding went well and looked very smart. Needless to say, Dave looked handsome in his morning suit and his speech went very well. I was so proud of him. I know he was very nervous, but the audience laughed in the right places and were very touched by his nice words. There were a number of speeches, and they all did very well. Jodie looked stunning, I hope their honeymoon goes as well and wish them the best for the future.

Anyhow, best be off to the evening do, will update you with how that goes tomorrow.

Weddings, Cruises and Cars!

red.jpgDave has been nagging about the fact I have not got round to making my first post…. So here it is!

First of all, Carl and Jodie’s wedding! Not long now – 2 days 16 hours infact! Really looking forward to it, should be a great day. Dave tried on his suit monday – and apart from the shirt not fitting (!) I think he looked great! I cant believe how quick the time has gone.. it only seems like a few weeks ago since they announced their engagement! Dave still has his best man speech to finish off… best not tell Jodie, she’ll kill him!

Looking after Aled tonight – we are going to take him to see ‘Cars’. I have been wanting to see it for ages, and I’m now finally getting around to it!

Not long until our cruise! Just over 8 days!