March, 2007:

RIP Plec

Haven’t blogged in 3 weeks but since I did my oldest, biggest fish has passed away. My Pleccy died on the weekend after a sudden illness.

He had grown from about 2 inches to a big fat 14″ long and was easily the biggest fish in my tank. He was the first fish I bought and the biggest character.

He was also the reason I upgraded from my old 18 gallon to my current 100 gallon tank. For a fish that cost about £3 he made me spend hundreds. He was worth it though.

I am glad he didn’t suffer though as putting him out of any pain would have been hard to do. He had a suitable burial and will be missed.

RIP Pleccy.

Penguins Stopped Play

Penguins Stopped Play: Eleven Cricketers Take on the WorldKathryn bought me this book for Christmas and I read it on the train to and from a meeting in London last week. I literally – no pun intended – read it from cover to cover in the 4 hours of travelling and I can highly recommend it.

It’s based on the exploits of a village cricket team who take themselves around the world playing in various exotic locations often finding themselves mismatched against area champions, teams with professionals and even entire countries!

Not one for those who have no interest in cricket but I couldn’t help but compare the Captain Scott Invitation XI with the bunch of misfits that make up my team, Cardiff Northern.

Bought a Mac

macbook_white.jpgI have finally taken the plunge and bought myself a shiny new Apple Macbook. It’s 2Ghz and comes with the default 512 meg of RAM but I plan on upgrading that.

Got it on the Apple refurb store but it is quite obviously new as is usually the case with the Refurb store and thanks to HotUKDeals I was able to save another £25 with a voucher.

The machine looks very nice indeed as is typical with Apple and I was very impressed with the setup process, it registered itself, set up wireless access and such all very easily. It did then have around 600meg of apple updates however which seems excessive for a machine straight out of the box. Maybe non-refurbs don’t suffer the same fate?

I am now “playing” with it and looking what software to install. I mentioned the memory upgrade I plan on purchasing and it strikes me as ridiculous how Apple want to charge me £240 for an upgrade to 2Gb but I can buy the same on Ebuyer for around £100.

Any suggestions for freeware and so on to download feel free to add comments.

Keep away from the vehicle


Winning the award for most eye catching car security system is this effort from Australian Peter Teslan which Kathryn found here. Needless to say I want one and Kathryn is probably in the process of making one.

The car owner has a site here and it has some very cool looking things on it.