June, 2007:

We’re in!

Chris and I today completed our entries for the 2007 Warwick Triathlon so there is certainly no backing out now. Fund raising is at £70 at the moment and big thanks to those who have put money in already but there are loads of you out there who, I’m hoping, haven’t gotten round to it yet.

For those of you’ve who’ve seen me post training sessions you’ll be more than aware of how much effort the two of us are putting in – it’s certainly not going to be a walk in the park.


ring.jpg If you haven’t already heard – Dave and I got engaged over the weekend! Dave asked me on Saturday, with plenty of time to find the perfect ring before going out to celebrate his 30th birthday 🙂 No dates set yet as we are looking for the perfect place – but at the moment we are looking at late 2008/early 2009. We’ll keep you updated with all the details!

As you can imagine, I’m still on cloud 9!

Aww bless – Friday funny

Like many other stores Maplin sell a connector to allow you to plug a legacy PS/2 keyboard and mouse into a USB port.

Someone asking a question on their faq has taken its meaning slightly incorrectly

Q) Does this allow me to play ps2 on the pc as im not sure? – Paul
A) No, this is for plugging PS2 mice and keyboards in to a USB port.

Made me giggle anyway.

2 legs good, 2 wheels better.

Well I’ve gone and bought my bike – it’s a Specialized Allez road bike and I got it from local store, Don Skene, who were as good as any online store I looked at. They threw in a helmet, gloves, computer and water bottle in the total price and also throw in a free service after a months use just to check it’s all fine. Excellent service so far.


I’m collecting it tomorrow because they’re fitting all the bits for me, so I hope to take it out for a spin on Thursday.

Digging Deep

justgiving_logo.gifJust over a week into training and I’ve clocked up 3 5K runs at a decent pace, the last of which I managed to do without walking at all. Need to build up my aerobic capacity but its coming quite quickly.[newline]

Have done plenty of swimming – yesterdays session was 22 lengths albeit fragmented into blocks of 4 and 3. Would like to get to 4 lots of 4 by the end of next week as 16 is not far at all. Still bikeless at the moment but I’ll buy one shortly.[newline]

Anyway onto the more important things – if I’m doing a Triathlon then you lot can dig deep and at least sponsor my pain – Chris and I have set up a page www.justgiving.com/daveandchris and hope to raise as much as possible for the St. Margarets Hospice. The charity is close to Chris’ family and I’ve always been keen one hospice’s as charities because you know your money is going to have a direct effect. Please look at our page and if you fell you can spare a fiver or whatever then please donate. Bear in mind you’re sponsoring us both too so for those who know both of us you won’t have us asking you twice.

Tri update

tri.jpgThe training continues albeit limited by a blister I picked up on my first proper run – which was a 27 minute 5K which is not bad for a start. Have also managed to swim 500metres but taking too many breathers.

Chris and I have probably decided to compete in the Warwick Triathlon as it seems more suited to beginners.

One thing we’ll do is set up a charity page on JustGiving.com but we’ve yet to pick a charity. Any worthwhile suggestions are welcome.

Going For Gold!

Well not so much gold, more completion in a reasonable time.

In a fit of stupidity I have agreed to do a Triathlon – not the full Olympic distance and certainly not Iron Man but either way its a 400m swim, 20K bike ride and a 5K run. The event I’m looking to enter is in September which leaves me with a 3 month training window.

Main problems in the way at the moment are

  • I’m unfit
  • I don’t have a bike – and do i want to spend 500 quid on one!
  • I can’t swim (properly)

I’m going to have to train every day from now till then and I want to be able to do each individual bit comfortably before I move on to “joining the dots”. Using the excellent gmap-pedometer I have mapped out some training routes, a 5K around the leisure centre (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1039305) and a 22K bike ride (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1050349).

Anyone who fancies joining me in this madness should add a comment committing to the cause and anyone who wants to encourage (or mock) should feel free. Wish me luck!

Holiday Blog!

hotel-pool.JPGWe’ve just returned from our first holiday of the year… Sunny Sardinia. The Hopkins family (+1) invaded the Italian island for a week, and had a great time. We stayed in a lovely set of villas, with a great pool (which for some reason we managed to empty within 30 mins everytime we descended upon it.. hehe).

It was Angharad and Cerys’ first holiday, and boy did they enjoy it in style. Icecream, swimming, pizza and New Italian shoes! Nothing could hold them back!

Aled had a great time too.. I think the quad bikes might have been his highlight – he was brilliant!

The quiet town of Pula probably dont know what hit it. We’ll certainly miss it, and its delicious icecream 🙂

I’ll upload some pictures shortly!