September, 2012:

The Decision

I’ve thought long and hard about and taken on many people’s thoughts but have decided, with some encouragement from watching IM Wales I know what I’m going to do in 2013.

Having discussed it with K I’ve realised that the opportunity might not come up again and I can really dedicate myself to this for the 10 months available, something that might not be possible in future years.  The colleague who got me into this crazy sport, Marcus, has recently started a coaching career and offered his services and I think that having a coach I know and can deal with my particularly needs will really help me.

I’m going to train hard, I’m going to stick to the plan and come the 7th July I’m going to become an Outlaw.

Wish me luck.

Full or half measure – my 2013 Triathlon decision

Here I set out my tri background and the relevant facts leading me up to making a decision about what I target in 2013.  I hope that by writing it all down it will both clear the murky waters in my mind and others can help me make the decision.


BRAT Birmingham Standard Distance Triathlon

Very long overdue blog update but I wrote this and thought it should be uploaded here. Might even start writing some more entries!