The Human Race

Tomorrow both Kathryn and myself have entered Nike’s Human Race Event.  Nike have organised 10K events in 25 different countries around the world where you can run or equally anyone with a Nike+ can enter.

We considered going to the London event at Wembley but decided that we’d do it from home instead due to the travel costs involved.  At the venues there is live music and all sorts going on so it seems like it would have been good fun.

There are 3 charities benefitting from the event namely, Livestrong, UNHCR and WWF.  I’d always targetted setting a PB during the event but following my new record of 51.23 the other week and the fact that I’ve had a bad leg since that isn’t going to be possible.  That said we’re going to enjoy it and apparently you get a Tshirt if you complete it so Kathryn is plenty happy.

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