7 months today

In seven months or 212 days I will be, all being well, somewhere near Nottingham on my bike.  I’ll be part way through 112 miles of bike ride having already swum 2.4 miles.

I normally use this little app for holidays….

Currently the longest I’ve ever ridden my bike in one go is 52 miles and I’ve never swum more than an Oly swim and I’ve only done that twice. So although seven months seems a long time I’ve got a lot of work to do.  If I’m honest I think I could go out tomorrow and ride 80 miles or so and I could probably manage 2K swimming wet suit assisted although perhaps not on the same day.

I can do a marathon, I know that already, although while I know I can run 20 miles without walking I never did manage more than that but then I don’t expect to run the whole way in Nottingham – at the least I suspect I’ll walk the aid stations.

This week has been the first week where I’ve really stressed myself in training – Tuesday was a Fartlek run session and as I’ve already mentioned to my twitter followers I think I ran the run bits too hard given I’ve not trained above Zone 3 yet – I peaked within 10 beats of my max HR.

Fartlek session

This left my legs in the most fatigued state they’d been in a while and due to lack of numbers I’d agreed to play 5aside in work the next day.  I’d normally do my Wednesday turbo before work but decided to do it after so on top of the run and football my legs did not feel good setting off in the evening but once I got going I actually felt strong doing it and got better and better as the session progressed.  My satisfaction would be short lived however when I got in the pool the next day for a session of kicking specific drills.  I arrived later at the pool than normal as I had to work late afterwards and when I got in the water there were 3 other people in an 8 lane pool – it was almost a shame I was only doing a short session as I didn’t have a soul with 3 lanes of me for the whole time.

That had been I’d done 4 sessions of exercise in 36 hours and I must admit I’m enjoying the rest day.  Back on the bike tomorrow – hoping I can get outside to do it.  Finally should just add I’m off out tonight for my Dad and Carl’s birthday – 60th for Dad and 33 for bro – Happy birthday both.

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