And so it begins….

So we’ve decided to start blogging. First and foremost it’s because we’ve owned this site for ages and haven’t done anything with it, so it might encourage us to actually use it.

I guess the first thing I should do is bring the world up-to-date with what I’m up to.

First of all it’s Carl’s wedding on Saturday and the mug has gone and chosen yours truly as Best Man. This of course means I’ve got to do the obligatory speech which until this weekend had barely moved – I’ve got some good ideas (imho) down on paper now though and I just need to actually format it into something I can actually deliver.

Secondly, our Alaskan cruise is under 2 weeks away so there’s that to prepare for on top of everything else. That’s the main push for getting this site done – we plan on updating the blog each day so everyone can see how we’re getting on. Obviously when I say everyone it’s probably just going to be our mums if they get as far as finding the page properly.

Thirdly, my comments on the Palace/Burnley game yesterday. Went up for my first home game of the season and expected us to win by a couple. As is usual with Palace though this didn’t go to plan. Burnley were much the better side in the first half and despite Scowy hitting the post they were well worth their 1-0 lead at half time. We equalised soon after the break and from there you couldn’t see them getting back into it but minutes later we were behind again. Scowcroft got us level with about 15 minutes to go and then only 3 world class saves from Jobi, Hudson and in the last seconds Kennedy kept us from taking the 3 points. Why is it that we never seem to get an opposition keeper on a bad day?


  1. Mrs Manley says:

    … and a round of applause for pa manley who made the duck cup!

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