December 8th, 2006:

Wii-lly lucky!

ticket.jpgOk Ok I promise I’ll quit with the “wii-lly” joke. Anyway, I discovered that my local ASDA were getting 10 Wii’s in this morning and they were due to open at 8. Not expecting much I drove by at 7.30 and was lucky enough to be 9th in the queue!

Am now in possession but as Kathryn is buying it as my Christmas pressie I will have to hand it over and wait till the 25th before the box can be opened. Remains to be seen if Woolies will come through with people’s orders but I no longer have to worry.

On a related note I have been appalled to see Wii’s going on ebay for £700+. The people who buy them just to sell on should be stopped. Laws should be passed stopping ebay from allowing it.