December 26th, 2006:


I was woken up at 6.30 am with Kathryn shouting her obligatory mantra of “He’s been! He’s been”. For the uninitiated “He” is Father Christmas.

We found ourselves witnessing Al opening his presents in a new record time for him. However the twins were slightly more sedate about it all but nevertheless seemed fascinated by the entire process. Shame Elmo wasn’t firing on all cylinders due to battery wear (Kathryn denies all responsibility). Al’s Robosapien was slightly let down by the absence of a million batteries that seemed to be required but sadly not included.

Anyway, Christmas is about more important things. Namely – my presents. I made out like a bandit and managed a good selection. A selection is listed below

  • Nintendo Wii – I may have mentioned already I was getting one
  • Wii Play
  • Wii John Madden 07
  • Wii Zelda
  • Two books
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Day 4×4 driving, quad biking and clay pigeon shooting
  • Tefal space saver pans
  • About enough chocolate to feed a small country
  • Lots and lots of other things and possibly some major presents that have completely slipped my mind. I have been up 18 hours at this point following 5 hours sleep.