November 14th, 2007:

Bad Case of Wind

It’s not that we’ve eaten anything dodgy but yesterday we arrived into Taupo – home of NZ’s largest lake with a major wind blowing.  Waves were crashing, dust blowing and it was bitterly cold.

Previous few days have seen us go out with dolphins although we didn’t get to swim as there were baby dolphins in the group and they have strict rules about when you can and can’t swim with them.  We were very lucky though to encounter a mega-pod which is when several pods join up in a big group.  Our pod of 80-100 apparently only happens maybe 3 or 4 times a year.  Think we got some good photos and Kathryn did some great work filming while leaning out over the bow of the boat.  Has to be said the trip was worth it just for the trip around the Bay of Islands which is a stunning location – certainly a place I could retire too!

We travelled further north into Coopers Beach before heading back south into Auckland where we had a really nice studio apartment about 500m from Sky City and the Sky Tower.  Naturally we went up there and took some great photos.  The view was awesome although we didn’t do the Sky Jump.

We then headed out to Waitomo Caves where we stayed at the Hobbit Motel and did the excellent Lost World Epic Adventure – go here for the video to see just what we got up too as photography was very limited.

We’re now in Taupo and about to head off to see some of the thermal areas near Rotorua and its nice to not check out for once!  Catch up soon!