August, 2008:

The Human Race

Tomorrow both Kathryn and myself have entered Nike’s Human Race Event.  Nike have organised 10K events in 25 different countries around the world where you can run or equally anyone with a Nike+ can enter.

We considered going to the London event at Wembley but decided that we’d do it from home instead due to the travel costs involved.  At the venues there is live music and all sorts going on so it seems like it would have been good fun.

There are 3 charities benefitting from the event namely, Livestrong, UNHCR and WWF.  I’d always targetted setting a PB during the event but following my new record of 51.23 the other week and the fact that I’ve had a bad leg since that isn’t going to be possible.  That said we’re going to enjoy it and apparently you get a Tshirt if you complete it so Kathryn is plenty happy.

Header Images

You may have noticed that as part of the new design there is a random image that gets displayed.  To go with these I’ve created a new page where you can look at each of these without having to continually refresh the page.

This page can be seen just to the right or found here.

Which is your favourite?  Any comments on these and anything else about the new design are both invited and welcome.

Getting there

As you can see we have a new theme, mainly because the old one was incompatible with the latest version of wordpress.

We’ve also moved all our photo content over to but you can still access it all through our site.  I really should make more use of the site so I’m going to try to come up with a few ideas for new content.

It’s all broken

You may have noticed that the site is currently a bit broken.  Long story short is that we had problems with our old host and the site has been moved.

Plan is to get it back up and running properly ASAP.