December, 2008:


Yes it’s as sore as it looks.

A life less interesting

Since I last blogged a few things have happened.

Kathryn and her mum completely redecorated the living room but alongside that I have removed my fishtank.  The fish were all succesfully rehomed – albeit following a stressful weekend of fish capture, tank draining and heavy lifting.  The tank itself and everything else has been put into storage until I decide what to do with it.

To go with the new room we bought a new sofa using some of our wedding money which arrived about half an hour ago.  Now normally I wouldn’t be around to receive it as I’d be in work but at the moment I am one week into an, as yet undetermined, time off work.  This is because it turns out my troublesome ankle needed reconstructive surgery of the peronial tendons.

So I find myself up to my knee in a plaster cast and I’m confined to the sofa.  Sounds good you’d think but it’s not the most exciting.  I’ve got plenty to do  – books, TV, magazines – but I find myself putting them off for a moment when I’m really bored.  This moment might be days or weeks down the line but I’m prepared.  Not sure its the best way to do it but there you go.

One plus point – it’s enabled me to get most of my Christmas shopping done and many other people’s it seems.  I seem to have become a present research and procurement service.  You all know who you are!!

Must mention my beloved wife though – she’s very busy in work and taking care of me each day can’t be anyone’s idea of fun.  Having to safely transport me and my various pillows, medicines, crutches and so on to the sofa in the morning and then back to bed in the evening is not an enjoyable activity but she’s doing it anyway.  On top of being busy in work and doing lots of other things besides.

PS She’s entered in the RNLI Reindeer Run 10K on Sunday so wish her luck.