March, 2009:

First Event of the Season

On Sunday I did the Pembrokeshire Duathlon – also known as the Welsh Duathlon Championships.

As I’m not long over the op I’d set this as a target for myself and I must admit I did wonder if I’d bitten off more than I could chew.

We travelled up the day before staying in the Cleddau Bridge hotel (who incidentally were very accommodating regarding my bike and my request for a late checkout so I could pop back after the event).   Went over on Saturday for a reccy (signs were going up as I was driving it) and to preregister.

However not being out on the bike other than on a turbo and not having used my clipless pedals before I was a little nervous about being able to complete the initial climb and following a sleepless night worrying I was almost on the verge of pulling out. So glad in the end that I didn’t!

Really enjoyed the atmosphere and had lots of people chatting to me and my nerves were soon settled.   Did well on the run and managed a decent enough time for me especially as I was taking it easy knowing the hill was to come.  The cycle was well marshalled given the numbers out on the track and as usual the support around the course, although limited, always helps you get around.  Traffic was well behaved on the fast section at the top and I think I only had one car pass me on the hilly section.   The long downhill at the end could have been smoother – I think I rattled half my teeth loose on the way back down!

In the end I came 30th in the Open Male category, which to be honest sounds more impressive than it actually is.

I’ll get some photos up shortly.