October, 2012:

October by Numbers

October is over and so ends month one of my Outlaw Training Plan.   Here are the stats for the month.

  • 25 training sessions done out of 27 scheduled (I had pretty good reasons for the two missed)
  • 59K run in 6 and a half hours.
  • 283K cycled in 11 and a half hours, almost exactly half of that on a turbo
  • 7600m swum in about 3 hours
  • Total exercise including football just over 23 hours.
  • Weight down approx 5lb
  • 7 Strava PRs in the month

Not the best of weeks

Easily the worst week of training so far.  All was going well and last Wednesday I woke early to do a turbo session.  I had a look online and saw that the Outlaw Half had opened for entries so quickly got my name down, what better training event than half of the main one.  From there things went downhill so those of a nervous disposition don’t read on.


Fortnight of Fun

I’m now into week 3 of my training plan for Outlaw and currently I’m 12 and 0 in terms of sessions.  Good for me as there were definitely a few I might not have done had I not had a coach peering over my training diary.

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Outlaw training plan – Day One

Today was the first day of my Ironman training plan.  Nothing major to start, just trying to build up some fitness and endurance and get used to training six days a week.

Oddly, while I always struggle to sleep before an event, I had a similarly restless experience last night even waking up before my 6:15 alarm.  Kit was all out and ready to go and I arrived at the pool with a set of 200, 400, 200 ahead of me, little did I realise my local pool, which I’ve never been to before was only 20m.  Not ideal when you’re rubbish at turns and trying to swim 3.8K so I might not use that one all the time.

However it’s nice to think that the journey has now started even if the destination is still a long way away.