September 14th, 2006:

Alaskan Adventure

We haven’t blogged as much as we’d like but here’s how it’s been going.

Day 1 – Vancouver – After arriving in Vancouver we had an overnight stay in a fantastic hotel – it was reall good. US Customs were backed up on the day we were boarding the ship so we ended up on a free tour of the city while they killed time. Vancouver seems a great city and Stanley park seemed realy nice.

Day 2 – time spent at sea getting used to the ship – my old sea sickness kicked in a bit but not so bad. Kathryn had no such trouble. Took a jacuzzi out on deck, not that cold at all. Very wet and rainy though.

Day 3 – Ketchikan – went on a canopy adventure – basically a load of zip lines and rope ladders 140ft up. The longest zip line was 250 yards long and you got up to 30mph across it. Saw a bear from the rope bridges feeding below.

Day 4 – Juneau – this was amazing – did some shopping in the morning before going on the Extended Glacier Trek. A helicopter ride across 2 glaciers before being dropped off and walking the ice for 4 whole hours. We even climbed out of a 50 feet deep vertical crevasse!!! A stunning experience, words cannot do it justice.

Day 5 (today) – Skagway – again did some shopping in the morning and then went on our tour. The weather today and yesterday was glorious – the best they’ve had in 2 months according to the guides. Todays tour was a wildlife tour and we got some good photos of eagles but the star of the show was a 500lb female grizzly who popped out of the forest a matter of yards from our bus. Got some good photos of her feeding before she got spooked and swam to the other side. Tonight we’re eating in the onboard steak house.

Have fun – we certainly are!