September 25th, 2006:

It’s Not About The Bike

It\'s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to LifeBought this book at Seattle airport and read it on the journey home and then finished it in the couple of days after.  I’d been meaning to pick it up for some time.

For those who don’t know it’s the story of how Lance Armstrong beat cancer and recovered to go on to to win the gruelling Tour de France an epic 7 times, although the book only covers up to his second victory.  If you’re expecting a standard sports autobiography this book isn’t for you but if you want a true story of triumph over adversity then you could certainly do worse.

Image Recovery

Felt I should post having had a moan about it previously. Following our return from holiday I set about recovering some of the pictures I lost from the memory card that corrupted. The software I used was Zero Assumption Recovery which is does more than just flash card recovery but for images is completely free. It recovered all but two of the photos we’d taken on the card and in fact got back a load that I’d formatted off several months ago! A very impressive piece of software and highly recommended.

I can also recommend Rawshooter Essentials which is another bit of free software for working with RAW images – but I suggest you get it sooner rather than later as the company who make it have been bought by Adobe and it may not remain free forever.