Wii-lly annoyed!

Typical. After guaranteeing orders for Wii’s in the first week of release Kathryn has received a message from Woolworths saying that this will now not be met. More so, and more importantly, they can’t even promise pre-Christmas delivery now.

This doesn’t just seem to be a Woolies problem but in fact down to Nintendo delivering many less than the required number of units to stores. Sort it out Nintendo!!

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  1. Josie says:

    Further to the Woolies Wii. We (David’s ma and pa) placed a pre-order on the 1st Dec. for the NFL 07 Madden game. On final day – the 8th, the game did not arrive. After all the hype in the press, I thought not to worry – games would be OK even if consoles weren’t. By the 20th, I had heard nothing and rang Woolies. Would you believe it? Woolies did not have it, cancelled the order, but didn’t think to tell us!!! By the way, for those interested got it at GAME.

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