October 10th, 2006:

We own our ground!

After way too many many years of having to pay our former chairman, Ron Noades, rent on our ground today present incumbent Simon Jordan announced that he had bought Selhurst Park.  It is common knowledge that SJ and Noades do not get on and stories suggest that Mr Noades was unaware who was actually the purchaser when he sold the ground.

At least now we are in a position where we have a home we can truly call our own and we don’t have the spectre of the short lease hanging over us anymore.  We are also in a position where we can develop the ground whereas previously Noades wouldn’t invest in it, and Jordan didn’t own it to justify the investment.

One potential fly in the ointment is the fact that Jordan has made it clear that “HE” owns the ground not CPFC 2000 Ltd.  Although as the sole owner of said company it probably doesn’t mean much.  All in all very good news.