January 2nd, 2007:

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! We did 🙂

We have been so busy this Christmas, visiting people, playing on the Wii (which is very tiring!) and just plain old having a good time. The girls had their first Christmas, and it was a real joy to share it with them (and play with their toys!). We had so many great gifts, and I’d like to say thanks and we just hope everyone else had a good time and liked their presents.

So many highlights to this Christmas, but one I will remember fondly – I have beaten Dave at every game of boxing on the Wii! Mwhahaha 😀

One Careful Owner

17 reckless ones….

Sean is selling his car and he has written one of the most appealing adverts I’ve ever seen. It’s on ebay.