October 1st, 2008:

Rain stopped play

We’ve just arrived back at our beach villa having been caught on a pedalo half a kilometre from shore by a monsoon.  It was quite fun actually as we tried to outrun it but it caught up with us with 100 yards or so left.  Seemed like an opportune moment to write a blog anyway.

Since I last wrote we’ve been generally relaxing while I’ve tried to let a bit of sun burn calm down (it’s fine now) and yesterday morning I managed to get Kathryn to try snorkelling again by guiding her around the nearby reef.  It was going swimmingly (pun intended) until a moray eel decided to cross our path – it was probably 3-4 feet long but Kathryn decided it was a maneater and headed for shore at an decent rate of knots.  Michael Phelps would have been impressed.  I was proud of her for giving it another go though and I reckon we’ll have another bash at it later.

Other news, when we arrived they didn’t realise it was our honeymoon but luckily Kathryn’s dad had emailed us a copy of the marriage certificate so when we showed them that we got given all sorts of freebies.   We get a trip, a luxury bath (oils, candles etc in our private villa bath), money off at the spa (so we booked another session each!) and I think we get some sort of going away present.

As I speak the rain has now stopped and it looks like it’s brightening up already 🙂