June 20th, 2009:


sculpt60Ok so the title pun has been done 1000 times before.  Following my eye test I’ve needed to get glasses and today Kathryn and I went into town nice and early to see what we could get.

Turned out Vision Express had a special Oakley day on which meant that, unusually for Oakley glasses, they were available at a discount.

straightjacket_lsI ended up going for two pairs – one pair of normal spectacles which will be for everyday use and a second pair of sunglasses which also have my prescription in.  They’re the Lance Armstrong Livestrong brand so I think I’ve probably donated some money to charity too – they may even help my cycling!

I’ve got to wait for the sunglasses as Oakley make them up themselves but the normal frames were available on a one hour service so I have them now.  Putting them on was very strange as everything went into a sort of tunnel vision but in the centre of the glasses it was like changing from Standard to Hi-def TV.  I’m trying to keep them on now so I can get used to them.