Fitness Drive

Adding it to the blog so I can be heckled if I don’t stick to it.

Decided I really need to push myself on the weight-loss/fitness-drive campaign so I have set myself the challenge of running 5K every day for the next couple of weeks to see where I get too. Planned on starting at the beginning of the week but was recovering from a twisted ankle and bruised foot but managed it today and felt good for it. I am trying to do it before work so that I have less excuse to put it off.

Today I did 5K (3.1 miles) in 31 minutes but that was starting slowly due to me wanting to test my foot first. Should be able to bring that time down and I’d like to think I could get a 7MPH average but the end of the fortnight but we will see. Hopefully get the running machine upstairs soon too so it make using it a bit more convenient.


  1. D says:

    Today I did my 3.1 miles in 28:33. Was well on course for sub 28 at the start but couldn’t keep up the pace past half way. An average speed of 6.51mph isn’t a bad start though.

  2. D says:

    Been suffering with my calves after the run above so I’ve had to take it easy. I’m still clocking up the distance albeit at a slower pace – up to 25K now in the 5 days now.

  3. D says:

    So close! Without actually setting out to do it I finished 6 seconds shy of my 7mph target. 26:43 is my first attempt at doing the distance at speed in a few days and it’s a significant improvement. On Tuesday I h didn’t run as I had cricket in the evening (but I did walk to work and back) and yesterday was reserved for 5aside.

    Looks like the break did my speed alright but its as much about burning the calories at the moment so I don’t want to be skipping sessions.

  4. Josie says:

    Excellent! Kathryn should be really proud of herself for her commitment and her score.

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