The Never Ending Kitchen

My new kitchen is almost complete but it’s amazing how long it’s taken and my dad has put a serious amount of hours into it (as have plenty of others). Below is the list of tasks that have been done to give you some idea.

  • Design and purchase kitchen (done pre-Alaska)
  • Demolition and disposal of old kitchen
    • about 15 cabinets including the sink demolished
    • wallpaper stripped
    • carpet pulled up
    • temporary removal of fridge freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher and all items from cupboards
  • Redo electrical cabling
  • Walls replastered
  • Take delivery of kitchen and check all items
  • Rework gas pipes
  • Rework water pipes including wall outlet
  • assemble and fit base cabinets
  • get worktop cut
  • fit sink
  • sand door frame and wood boxing
  • paint walls – 2 white coats and one coloured
  • replace and paint skirting
  • fit hob and oven
  • assemble and hang wall cabinets
  • fit all cabinet doors
  • restore dishwasher and washing machine
  • fit outside piping
  • drill hole for power to shed for tumble dryer
  • channel shed cabling into concrete
  • wire shed for power and lighting
  • fit soft shut fittings for doors

Still to do!!!

  • refit carpet
  • restore fridge
  • fit edging
  • fit plinths
  • put up glass shelving
  • clear shed for dryer

I think that’s most of it but this list still probably doesn’t do the job justice. And to think I thought a few days off and we’d get it done. Also originally set a budget of about £1000. It became obvious that this wasn’t realistic so revised target to around £1500. It’s probably cost about £2000 in the end!!!!!

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  1. D says:

    All done bar the edging!!! It’s basically complete now and looks really nice.

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